Raita is a simple but delightful accompaniment to spicy Indian food. Follow the directions carefully to get a thick creamy result.


1 cucumber

1 Tbsp. kosher salt

1 cup plain yoghurt, I prefer Stonyfield Farm’s low fat version

1 Tbsp. lemon juice


Peel the cucumber and halve lengthwise. Scrap out and discard the seeds. Grate or shred (I use my food processor for this). Place in a colander and sprinkle with salt, stirring to coat evenly. Set aside for 30 minutes to allow the excess water to be extracted from the cucumber.

Measure the yoghurt into a strainer lined with cheesecloth and set aside to drain for about 30 minutes.

Rinse the cucumber well to remove most of the salt and squeeze out as much water as possible either between your hands or by twisting in a kitchen towel. Empty the yoghurt into a small bowl and stir in the cucumber. Mix in the lemon juice. Taste and adjust seasoning if need be.


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