Pork Rinds

Yesterday I bought a couple pieces of pork belly to make bacon. The first step in making the bacon was removing the rind from the pork—a bit tricky but not too bad. So, what to do with all that nice pork skin? The answer came from Paula Deen who, being Southern, is an expert in all things pig. Following her instructions I cut the skin into pieces ¾ inches wide by 2 inches long and laid them out on a baking sheet, sprinkled them with a bit of kosher salt (thinking that a curious combination), and popped them in the oven. Since I was already baking a pot of beans I cooked the skins at 250° for about an hour then, when the beans were done, for another 2 hours at the recommended 325°. When they were curled and crispy I cooled them on paper towels. I had never eaten pork rinds before and was pleasantly surprised at how good and non-greasy they were. By the way, be sure to save the lard that rendered out. It is great for cooking Mexican food.


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