Buy Big; Save Big: Sirloin Tip

Yesterday I bought an entire sirloin tip,  just under 12 pounds, at my local MaineSource, an open-to-the-public-restaurant-supply store. Following instructions I found online I broke it down into one 2-pound roast, six 6-ounce steaks, 2 pounds of cubes for stew, and 3 pounds of lean ground beef. The average net cost came to $3.05 per pound. Had I been a professional butcher I could probably have reduced that to under $3.00 per pound by adding a bit of fat to the ground meat. Cutting a sirloin tip into its three separate muscles is a bit tricky the first few times but even if you hack it up you will have lots of great stew meat for a very good price. If you don’t have a serious butcher’s knife buy one and a cut-resistant glove. I got both at the same store. The glove was $14 and a 10″ commercial-grade, razor-sharp scimitar only set me back $18. Oh, and you really need a large plastic cutting board. You can get them inexpensively at your local shoppers club.


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