Buy Big, Save Big: Chicken Thighs

Generally it is most economical to buy chicken whole and break it down yourself. But sometimes you can save even more by purchasing bags of pre-cut parts in your local warehouse store. These bags are around 10 pounds each but often the store will offer smaller “family packs” for only a bit more per pound. The other day I bought a 5-pound “family pack” of chicken thighs for 99¢ a pound. Skinning and boning left me with 3⅛ pounds of boneless, skinless thighs for $1.59 a pound. My local supermarket sells them for $2.99 a pound. And had I gone with the full bag that would have come down to $1.26 a pound. Not a bad return for a half hour or so of work.

Unless you are having a large party you will want to freeze at least part of those chicken thighs. I divide them into portions of about 12 ounces (three small or two large thighs), wrap them in plastic, and put the wrapped packages into a freezer bag. When I need them I just use the defrost function on my microwave and they are ready to go in minutes.

Incidentally, you can save big on plastic wrap too. I  am still using the 3000-foot I bought at the warehouse store some five years ago for about 45¢ per hundred square feet. The supermarket price $1.99 for a  100-square foot roll.


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