Today’s Food Safety Lesson

If you follow this blog you know that I advocate buying meat—and most other things—in bulk. That, however, is not without its perils. Recently I bought two 10-pound bags of chicken pieces: one of thighs, the other of breasts. The price was certainly right. The thighs cost just $1.19 a pound and the boneless, skinless breasts $1.89. The problem was that the bags they were packed in leaked. My refrigerator,like most, has crisper drawers for storing fresh vegetables at the bottom, under the lowest shelf. So when I put the bags of chicken on that shelf, which is where they should go, they leaked into the crispers. So, out went four pounds of fresh carrots, a head of celery, and a handful of radishes. The lesson? When storing raw meat in your refrigerator put them on the bottom shelf in a leak-proof container. Restaurant-style plastic storage containers are an inexpensive solution. You can easily find them at any restaurant supply store or your local big-box shoppers club.


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