Galettes de Sarrasin (Buckwheat Crepes)

Buckwheat, sarrasin in French, is not a grain but an herb. Naturally free of gluten it is a great substitute for wheat in crepes and pancakes. To make the latter just leave the batter thicker. The best pan for cooking either is one made of cast iron because of its superior heat retention. If you do not have a crepe pan use a skillet. You may have heard that crepes can be cooked on the back of frying pan but in my opinion that is an urban legend.

This recipe is translated and adapted from one by Stéphane Lecuyer.



Buckwheat flour

1½ cups

325 g

Baking powder


5 ml


1 cup

250 ml





½ teaspoon

2 ml

Cold water

1 – 2 cups

250 – 500 ml

Oil for cooking

as needed

as needed


In a bowl combine buckwheat flour and baking powder. In a second bowl lightly whisk together the milk, egg, and salt. Slowly incorporate the liquid into the flour being careful not to over mix. Stir in cold water as needed to produce a thin batter about the consistency of heavy cream.

Heat a crepe pan or cast iron skillet over medium-high heat. When a drop of water skittles quickly across the surface brush the pan with oil and pour in about 2 ounces, one quarter cup (75 ml) of batter. Swirl it around quickly to coat the pan. When the top is set and dry carefully turn the crepe, using a spatula to gently scrape it from the pan if needed. Usually the first crepe is a discard so do not be discouraged if it is not quite right. Continue to make the rest of the crepes, oiling the pan between each. To keep the crepes from drying out while you work, put them on a plate in a 300° oven covered with a large lid.

Serve the crepes hot with a bit of butter and sugar or use them in a recipe for stuffed crepes.


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