Burger Mondays Bar & Grille: a mini review

Last night we stopped in to Burger Mondays Bar & Grille on State Street in Binghamton. As is our wont we sat at the bar and ordered the evening’s special, a bison burger. I had mine with seasoned fries while Glenda opted for the house-made sweet potato chips. Here are my impressions:

First off, despite the art on the walls, the ambiance is that of an Irish-themed sports bar. The signs saying that one section was “reserved for Irish police and fireman” may be in jest but they are hardly welcoming. The high ceiling and hard surfaces make the space a bit uninviting and cold, something that was not helped by people holding open the outside door near the bar. Besides painting the sprinkler lines red the current owners have done little to update the interior from its previous incarnations. Still, the bar was friendly enough and felt a lot like a neighborhood guys’ tavern. Drink prices are on par for the area but the bartender was not aware of the $3 well drinks offered at the restaurant’s Facebook page.

Our food arrived promptly—a surprise in a town not known for its quick service. The burgers were cooked as ordered and were very good. My only complaint is that the bacon was rather limp and seemed to have been cooked in a microwave. Glenda really enjoyed her sweet potato chips and the seasoned fries were just to my liking—thin and very crisp. They could, however, have been improved by having the seasoning tossed with them rather than just sprinkled on top. At $15 the burger was a bit pricy, especially for a mid-week special, but I would recommend it.

All in all, Burger Mondays feels like a work in progress. The food we had was good and the service first rate. But the interior needs work.


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