Iced Tea

As summer heats up there is nothing like a frosty glass of iced tea. Sadly many people buy pre-made iced tea which, besides nearly always being loaded with sugar, is really expensive. And others make their own but using ice tea powder. Here is a quick and easy way to make it from scratch. Try it once and you will never go back to the fake stuff.

For 2 liters (2 quarts):

6 tea bags, I use Red Rose decaffeinated black tea
1 liter (1 quart) water
Ice to fill a 2 liter (2 quart) container

Put the tea bags in a heat-proof container along with the water and bring to a boil in the microwave–or heat the water to a boil in an electric or on the stove and pour over the tea bags. Steep for 5 minutes. Pour into the ice filled container. If need be, top it up with cold water. Refrigerate.

Serve over ice with a slice of lemon and, if you must, a bit of sugar or honey.


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