Review: Social on State

Although Social on State is billed as a tapas restaurant, do not go there looking for traditional Spanish snacks. The extensive menu of small plates intended for sharing consists mostly of familiar American and continental fare. The variety is inventive and impressive ranging from mac and cheese to shaved Brussels sprouts. Some, like chicken osso buco, are a bit fanciful (I was not even aware that chicken had shanks). Having just come from some rather heavy grazing at a nearby art opening we only sampled two of the 31 dishes on offer. The thin, spiral cut house fries could have been a bit crispier but the three sauces that came with themroasted garlic aioli, beer barbeque, and Sriracha bleu cheese—compensated well. The lamb lollipops, Frenched lambchops, were wonderful if cooked a bit beyond the medium rare we ordered. The beet balsamic puree they were served on made a beautiful plate but lacked much in the way of vinegar flavor. As is de rigueur in stylish restaurants these days, Social on State has a lengthy menu of hipster martinis. The Hot and Dirty with Sriracha and olive brine was, if not exactly a classic martini, interesting. Paying homage to the recent explosion of craft brewing in upstate New York, the bar features a rotating selection of a dozen beers from three regional breweries: this month featuring four each from Cortland, Horseheads, and Upstate. The space is pleasant and quiet with a comfortable bar and ample seating. I could have done without the ubiquitous large screen TV showing a basketball game but I suppose that simply reflects my general disinterest in sports. A temporary outside foyer somewhat reduces the cold blast when the door opens but on an evening of single-digit temperatures one is well advised to sit away from the front. Prices are a bit steep for Binghamton—small plates ranged from $5 to $15 with most on the high side of $10. Martinis at $8 were at the going rate. Still, on a frigid Thursday evening the place was well populated and on weekends is often hard to get into. It is difficult to predict how long downtown Binghamton’s dining renaissance will last, but Social on State is certainly a welcome addition.


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